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The Alpine Project is a team of IFMGA/GMGA certified expert guides, instructors, and athletes who have been leading the Caucasus region in both professional guiding and alpine sport for more than a decade. We have facilitated some of the most challenging ascents in Georgia, in addition to some of the most extreme ski descents. Our team experience combined includes international expeditions across Himalayas, Tian Shan, Pamir, Alps, and numerous Caucasus ascents.

We pride ourselves on our excellent safety record throughout our expeditions and courses. Safety is always our main priority and focus when making decisions and planning expeditions for our guests. Our tailor-made programs are designed to keep your safety at the utmost importance, and we aim to help all our guests achieve their personal aspirations through quality, challenging, safe and fun expeditions.

We offer a range of different guided expeditions, alpine activities, and courses here at The Alpine Project. From extremely challenging alpine ascents to introduction courses for beginners, you can find the activity suited for your individual desires. Our full range of offers include mountaineering expeditions and courses, rock climbing trips and courses, ice climbing courses, ski tour and off-piste trips, private ski and snowboard lessons, catski trips, and heliski trips.

All of The Alpine Project guides are committed to protecting the natural environment, just as much as they are to protecting our guest’s safety. Our philosophy is based on a true love and understanding of the alpine environment. Our staff and guides are dedicated to a balanced philosophy of wilderness ethics and nature preservation. We believe that ethics of nature and mountaineering are inseparable, which is why we are focused on practicing the most nature sensitive approaches possible.


The Alpine Project aims to maintain the utmost quality level of guiding in the region. Our previous expeditions have become standards of excellence in the climbing community locally. Our knowledge and expertise is from countless years of acquired experience on certain mountains, where crucial details are perfected and adjusted over time.  The tours we’ve designed are a presentation of years in the works, and all of them are intended to keep our guests safe while presenting the ultimate and most optimal experience on the mountain.


The Alpine Projects firmly believes in supporting the local economy in our home of Georgia. We are extremely dedicated in working with local partners, guides, and companies that are aligned with our same vision and outlook. Choosing such partners is essential not only to creating a better community, but in also helping raise the local standards

Why Choose Us?

Custom-Made Tours For Your Needs, Without Planning Headaches

At The Alpine Project, we provide meaningful and tailor-made experiences for all our guests. Your trip with The Alpine Project is not just to simply take you to explore a mountain. These trips are intertwined with companionships and memories. From high-budget needs, to budget-friendly needs, we are able to completely design the tour you desire. Should you want to stay in a 5-star hotel, tent, friendly guest house, or camp, we’ve got you covered. If you want a private tour just for you, or if you want a group of friends to experience Georgia with you, we’ve got you covered. Overall, we know what it takes to suit the specific needs while making it fun, relaxed, and unforgettable. There is really no need for guesswork or tiring research, everything is here, with us. 

Guests Turned into Friends, Returning to Georgia Again and Again

Beyond that, we have inspired many of our guests to return to Georgia with The Alpine Project again.  The first time always seems to be not enough for many, as our tours together open up a world of curiosity about the unique travel opportunities of Georgia. You can expect to feel the same, and know that you can find an entirely different adventure the second, third, or even fourth time booking and planning with The Alpine Project. We’ve proudly guided our guests through these mountains for more than a decade, and we look forward to decades ahead with you and our returning guests.

Certified Friendly Guides , Guaranteed Safety, Uncompromising Fun

The Alpine Project is an ideal team to be in the mountains with. We have been guiding our guests through the mountains safely and professionally while still keeping everything friendly and fun. We anticipate that there is times when a Plan A, such as reaching a summit during a climbing tour, is not practical or possible. Weather conditions and variables that deem a plan unsafe does happen, but our ability to replan in moments like these to keep our guests inspired and active is always consistent.  Our GMGA (upcoming IFMGA) certified guides know how to lead a safe tour, without compromising fun.

Extremely Responsive, For Your Communication Needs

We are exceptionally fast with communication with our guests. Our responsive nature allows us to help guests prepare for their trip with The Alpine Project without any confusion. In addition, we know how stressful it can be to prepare for a mountain you’ve never been to. Our team will provide as much first-hand knowledge and information needed so you have clear expectations for your upcoming trip. You can find detailed recommendations in each itinierary for all the gear, clothing, and essentials you will need. If anything is unclear, you can reach out to us and expect quick responses from our team.